I have been doing sessions for 42 years now and it is one of my passions. I can do Piano and Keyboards of all kinds; and I am proficient in all kinds of music. I own a Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard which has every sound imaginable and unsurpassed digital quality. I have also sung demos and background vocals and I am fully prepared to sing either lead or background on your song. I will be more than glad to travel to your area if you will cover all of my travel expenses and session fees or if you send a track or a wave file/data disk of your material, I will find a very reasonably priced studio near where I live and do the work and send it back to you. If you send me the work and can't be present, I will ask you to describe what you want and I will do my best to give it to you, however, if you want me to do anything over, there will be extra charges. Every situation is different so, if you are interested in talking to me about some session work, leave an e-mail address or your phone number and I will be in touch.

Producing records is another thing I love to do. When I produce, I like to first get to know an artist; that is, get inside their hearts and minds and find out exactly what they want. If the artist is already a writer, I will be glad to explore their material completely and get to the essence of who they are and what they want to convey through their music. Also, if you need songs, I have written over two thousand songs and I have a prodigious collection of unrecorded songs by other great writers to choose from. The song is one of the most important aspects of production and I put a lot of emphasis on songs and song quality. I will give you high-quality arrangements on your material and I will work tirelessly to be sure that your project is the best it can be! There are many ways to produce a record and I like to think that I am flexible enough to find out what makes an artist or band tick and give them what they want and more! Casting the talent for a project is also a vitally important aspect of production. Because I live in the Nashville area, I have access to some of the most talented performers in the world and I can certainly make them available for your project! If you are a solo artist or if you are a self-contained band, I can work that way as well. As I have said, every situation is different and flexibility is the key. At any rate, I would be glad to discuss production if you are interested.

Live Performances:

I love to entertain people. I have been working live for almost fifty years now and I am ready to perform for you. I can do it by myself as a solo artist in your home, a night club, a church, an outdoor venue or anywhere if the vibration and the price is right and I promise you won't be disappointed once I have done a show for you. I can also put a band of any size of your choosing together and take care of all of your live entertainment needs. If you just want Piano and that's all, I can do that. If you want me to play and sing, I can do that. If you want a Piano bar type atmosphere I can do that. If you want a full-fledged concert with original music either Piano/Vocal or with a band, I can do that. If you want me to come and be a side man for another band I can do that as well! Whatever your live needs are I'm the man to do it for you!


I have extensive experience in singing commercials or jingles as we call them in the business. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in national, regional and local jingles of all kinds and if you are a business owner who would like me to sing or play on a commercial I am ready, willing and able. I have also done quite a few voice-overs which essentially requires a person to read the product info after the music is done and I have worked with some of the most prestigious jingle houses in the world.

Writer's Services:

Over the years, I have helped many writers. I can put music to lyrics, lyrics to music or just mentor and teach writers what I have learned about writing. Once we agree on a fee, I will work with you to grow into an understanding of song writing if that's what you want or in short, whatever you need to make your song better. I have also done seminars and lectures on writing and I will be glad to come to your area to give a talk. If you are part of a song writing association or organization in your area or if you just want to get a few folks together and let me visit and share what I have learned, I will be more than happy to accommodate you for a reasonable fee of course.


IF YOU ARE SERIOUS, I MEAN REALLY SERIOUS, I would be glad to teach Piano, Vocals or Writing. As it is in producing, there are many ways to teach. The best way is the hands on way where a student would come to my home for a one-hour lesson once a week but, if the student is serious lessons can be done over the internet or by E-mail. I started playing and singing when I was eight years old and I was lucky enough to have incredible teachers right from the start. Of course it's possible to be self-taught, but I would not be the same musician today without the guidance of these wonderful folks! The bottom line here is if you feel like you need instruction, I have many tried and true methods to help with that.

In closing let me say that if you need any of these services, I will be more than happy to get in touch with you and I am looking forward to working with you!

Ronnie Godfrey