Picture of Ronnie

Ronnie Godfrey was born, totally blind, in Greenville South Carolina. From the time he was eight, he began to hear the word talent every time he sang or played the piano. His music teachers, at the South Carolina school for the deaf and blind, tried to encourage him but, by his own admission, Ronnie was stubborn and only interested in playing with his friends and misbehaving. Finally, when he was about 15, it hit him; music was a wonderful thing and he really had a gift. He began, at that point, to work harder and he has made music his life ever since.

It was about this time that he wrote his first songs; experiments though they were, he knew he wanted to be a writer and as time went on the songs got better and better. In 1975, Billy Joe Royal recorded a song Ronnie wrote called “Time Don’t Pass By Here” for Scepter Records, published by The Lowery Group and he began to get songs published on a regular basis from that point on.

In 1974, he joined a band called Garfield Ruff and, in 1978, the band signed with Capitol Records. They scored a movie called The Hitter, which Ronnie wrote and sang the title track for, and made a record called Garfeel Ruff.

In 1981, he joined The Marshall Tucker Band and the band made three records for Warner Brothers. He wrote or co-wrote 6 songs which were recorded by the band, and played such venues as The Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood.

In 1988, Ronnie moved to Nashville. He has since written over 500 songs and has had recordings by such artist as Ty Herndon, Ronnie McDowell, Forerunner, The Marshall Tucker Band, Billy Joe Royal, Sonny Turner of The Platters fame, Damon Gray, Rob Crosby and Johnny Lee to name a few.

In 1996, Ronnie received a gold record for “A Hat Full Of Rain,” a song he co-wrote which is on Ty Herndon’s debut album entitled, “What Mattered Most.” He has had songs published by; Maypop Music Group, Cal IV Music Group, BMG Songs, Killen Music Group, Lowery Music Group, Marshall Tucker Industries and API as well as a newly formed company which he co-owns called Kirogo Songs.

In 2004, Ronnie co-produced, played keyboards, sang background vocals and co-wrote a Christmas disk for Johnny Lee called “Santa Claus Is Lookin’ For Love” which is on Title Tunes Records. He also has played piano for Crystal Gayle, Davis Daniel, Charlie Daniels, Billy Joe Royal, Johnny Lee, and David Alan Coe as well as countless other writer’s demos and album projects. In September of 2005, he completed co-production on Cole Porter’s second project, “Poetic Justice” and the first single, “I Can See Arkansas” was certified number one in both Inside Country and Inde World! “Not A Day Goes By,” Cole Porter’s second released was certified number one as well and his AC release “Poetic Justice” was an inde top ten chart maker!

Ronnie recently sang background vocals, co-wrote some songs and played keys on the “Johnny Leemotions” disk and one of his biggest dreams just came true when he was asked to sing background vocals for Leon Russell’s 2007 release, “Angel In Disguise.”

He has just completed a record called “Standin’ In A Circle,” featuring his band “Virgil.” “This 8-song disk expresses completely my philosophy of life musically and spiritually,” Ronnie said, “and I am more fulfilled by it than anything I have ever done!”

Music always has been and always will be Ronnie’s life and he is more excited than ever about his future!