A Tribute to Donna

On February 25th, 2008, around 5:00 A.M., our sister Donna Godfrey-King died peacefully in her husband Rick's arms. Donna was my biggest fan and, long before I ever even knew I would be a musician and song writer, she praised me so much I even started to believe I was good. She was the second of four children, sandwiched between two boys who were totally blind and she seemed to take it as her responsibility to take care of us and literally be our eyes. She acted as a cheer leader, a servant at times, and through our lives she was always there finding lost toys, helping with term papers, driving us places and doing a million other little things which helped to make us who we are today. Donna was a writer of poetry and prose; a wonderful craftsperson, her hand-made Christmas gifts were always among my favorites because they were the cheapest yet the most heartfelt. She was bright and witty and always the one trying to make others laugh even when she was hurting inside. She loved children dearly and they always loved her back. She loved "I Love Lucy," "Red Skelton" and "Touched By An Angel" and besides our wonderful, precious mother, she had the biggest, softest heart of anyone I've ever known!

Donna was an empath. She felt the pain of others strongly and, concealed her own until it became too much for her and then she spent most of her troubled adult life searching for redemption which never came. She was a victim of abuse and she carried the weight of it with her till her death, often blaming herself for it.

Donna is just one of millions of victims who far too often have remained nameless but I have resolved for posterity to know her even in this small tribute. For those geneologists or family historians who may look back generations from now on our family, know this; RONNIE GODFREY WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT DONNA GODFREY-KING. SHE WAS TRULY THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS AND I WANT TO PUBLICLY THANK HER FOR IT. I MISS YOU DONNA AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!

Your Brother,
Virgil Ronnie Godfrey