Picture of Ronnie

			Monday, July 13, 2009

Music, by nature, is incapable of being wrong or doing anybody wrong. When I go to play my Piano music is there like it has always been,  giving exactly what I put in to it with unconditional clarity and love! Music, in its purest form, is LOVE CONVERTED TO SOUND and though people may blaspheme it, pretend to know it and desecrate its beauty for their own greedy,paranoid ends, and use it as a weapon for business purposes, music remains and always will remain the purest and most influential art form on earth and indeed it's our last best hope for communication among the human race and a lasting peace in the world!  It has the ability to cross cultural and language barriers and explain the feelings of the artist to the listener in such a way that people are brought closer together by it and, with the incredible power of the internet and modern telecommunications today, there are NO LIMITS TO WHAT MUSIC, ALL-POWERFUL, SWEET, SWEET MUSIC CAN DO!!

					Ronnie Godfrey